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July 25, 2004
Tank Vixens: Extra Insanity Booster Pack 1
22 New Full Colour Cards by tops artists, Eric W Schwartz, Steve Martin and Taral Wayne expand the madness that is Tank Vixens.

Shudder in terror at the Might Mouse Mech, fear the Plonka-Toy Tank. But never fear, in this awsome arsenal of new weapons, we haven't forgotten what you really want, Wet Panties and Strawberry Jam covered mice.

Obligatory Shower Scene now included!
Available from United Publications.


In the beginning...


Tank Vixens was a damned fun little comicbook project first published by Antarctic Press back in the ‘90’s. It ran to four issues, and became quite the little cult hit.
Tank Vixens Original Covers

Tank Vixens was originally intended to be a spoof on Anime and Furry fandom. It made fun of the obsessions of the genres and generally had a damned good time! (Its original working title was "Lesbian Foxes In Hovertanks"). Initially the project was to be published by MU press. Tank Vixens Divine Collection

After losing my artist and publishers, I managed to coax Mike Sagara into illustrating the project. Antarctic Press put out the four original issues of the book (though issues 3&4 went out under their "Venus" imprint).

The comic is now available as a collected set, the "Divine collection" from United Publications.

Tank Vixens Collectible Card Game

The Vixens have been undergoing a real renaissance lately! The re-release of the comics has been combined with a cool new collectable card game.

New issues of the Tank Vixens comic have been written. We have an animated short film prepped to tour the film festivals, and we’re angling at developing this turkey into something big.


Tank Vixens remains pure at heart: It is an explosion of pure fun.
Wicked, damned silly, and cram packed full of damned fool girlie art!


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