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United Publications
We are a mail order and publishing company based in Kent, England, who specialise in Anime, Manga and Fantasy/Furry products.

MU Press
Publishers of fine comics and related materials.

MU Press
 Comics by Paul Kidd

Tales of the Purple Unicorn
(delirium at it’s best)

Dancing Dinosaur

Immaculate Concept
(The Angel’s Message to Mary)

Plus a link for all you who just don't get all this Furry stuff.


Artists & Links


Here are the web sites for some of my best friends and favourite artists.


My dear, wonderful TAB. TAB is the artist for Hive/Petal Storm, and we hope to do many more projects together in the future.

Her web site



Terrie Smith

One of my oldest and dearest friends. Small, blonde and usually hidden behind a vast pile of black sketch books, Terrie is the original master of furry pin-up art. For hints on how to irritate Terrie while she’s bidding on art at an auction, just see me or Bruce Rowe!




Baron Engel

Baron is a partner in "Backbreaker Studios". Fiendishly skilled at coloured pencil work, he does some absolutely incredible artwork. He has a fine eye for female figures and accurate hardware.



Michele Light

Yaay! Cute AND demure! (who - Michele or her artwork?).

Wonderful stuff!



Taral Wayne

Taral Wayne is a damned talented Canadian artist, well known in concentric circles. Taral's art covers SF and magazine illustration as well as character art. He has a talent for drawing pretty girls...

Contact him at:



Tamara Carmichael

Tam makes, among other things, SF convention costumes and soft-sculpture dragons.

Visit her at



Ted Sheppard

Ted's wonderful artwork has long been a favourite of mine. Ted specialises in creating wonderfully demure girlie images. His skill at antique costumes and lingerie is unexcelled.

Ted can be contacted at:





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