Comicbooks are my joy. I love to contribute to the things I enjoy. Comicbook scripting is a great holiday from long novel projects. They also are my short story outlet (I prefer to do short stories as graphic stories rather than prose).

The bulk of my comic stories are "furry" – that is, they use funny animal characters as a storytelling tool? Why? I just happen to love the artwork. Furry characters are a definite shift into ‘fantasy’ (and that can be a useful and liberating little tool).

I do not illustrate my own stories. As a graphic creator, I suck. But I do so love writing for the medium. Artists I have teamed up with include TAB, Terrie Smith, Javier Ruiz, Chuck Melville, Kurt Wilicken, JoeRosales, Will Faust, Mitch Beiro, Steve Gallacci, Adrian Kleinburg, Freddy Andersson, Rommel Ignacio, Taral Wayne…

Tank Vixens

Pure insanity. Find out more than you ever wanted to know about Tank Vixens here.

Now Re-issued as a collected edition by United Publications.


A pisstake on the cyberpunk genre. Squealingly good fun! The series was published by MU press.

See also Cyber Kitties

*Issues are available from MU Press



An adult anthology by Antarctic Press/Radio Comics.

I was a mainstay writer for quite a few years.


Wild Kingdom

MU press adult anthology title.

More erratic than Genus, but usually with a higher degree of writing.

Issues are available from MU Press



MU press general audience anthology.

Short stories I ran here include pieces based on Fangs of K’aath, A Whisper of Wings etc.

Wild Side

United Publications general audience anthology title. I was one of the inaugural contributors.

Here I run strange little Taoist fairy tales with TAB, and the insane "THIRD EYE PRIVATE EYE" series (A D&D pisstake).


Princess Karinam

Chuck Melville illustrated this cool adaptation of a story told by "Sandhri the Storyteller" from FANGS OF K’AATH. Published by MU press.

*Issues are available from MU Press

Fangs of K’aath

A comicbook adaptation of the novel, illustrated by Javier Ruiz. This ran for quite a while until MU press faded back from full time publishing.

*Issues are available from MU Press



Anime-style adult stories published by Antarctic Press. I ran a piece or three here. Nothing major.


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